One Quote From Each Main Character That Goes Against Their Personality

If there is one thing that the fans of The 100 know, it is that no character is safe and sound. They have all been through a lot of pain and suffering from the moment they were sent down to the very end of the show. Put in an extreme survival situation, the teenagers have to deal with the chaos that takes over their camp in the beginning, the actual destruction of life on Earth (several times), new dangerous planets, cults, and eventually the Transcendence.

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It is natural that this sort of hostile environment would result in both the best and the worst qualities of humanity showing up. Yet the characters persevere and continue fighting the good fight, often against their own selves, in an attempt to keep the last of the human race alive. Along the way, the main characters grow and learn from their mistakes, even though there are times where their actions and words go against their true essence.

10 John Murphy

"I Don't Want To Die Alone."

Murphy's confession to Raven in the season 2 episode "The 48" marks one of the rare moments when he truly lets his guard down. He is known for his harsh and arrogant attitude, and he knows that he is disliked by many. He is unapologetic and confident, and his self-awareness often alleviates otherwise heavy situations.

When Murphy is scared, he usually lashes out and does not show his true feelings. Yet he still tells Raven that he is helping her because he does not want to die alone, which shows his softer side. This sort of fear is a primitive, natural, and ultimately very human emotion, and his decision to let another know about what he probably perceives as "weakness" is unusual for his character.

9 Emori

"If I Told You, You Would Not Look At Me The Same."

One of Emori's most admirable qualities is her self-acceptance. It was her main character arc and her biggest achievement, but she was not always so accepting of her perceived flaw. After being born with a hand mutation due to the high levels of radiation on Earth, Emori was kicked out by her own people who believed that her hand meant that she has a stain on her bloodline.

When she tells her story to Murphy in episode 12 of season 2, she still carries that shame but not for long. Her growth is one of the reasons why the fandom found her story so inspiring. As time passes, she learns that what others see as a "flaw" is simply a part of her, and she learns to love it. This capacity for self-love and acceptance is also why Emori's death was so upsetting for many.

8 Raven Reyes

"People Think I Can Just Change And My Pain Will Go Away But I Can't. I Can't Do That And I Can't Do This."

Raven is a fighter, through and through. She goes through a lot of trauma during the show, and she only grows stronger from it. Even when she gets knocked down, she fights and she stands up for what she believes is right. Her courage and her strength define her character, and the fact that she never truly gives up makes her an inspiration for many fans.

This is exactly why Raven's words to Jaha in the fifth episode of season 3 can be seen as uncharacteristic. She is not the kind of person that refuses to fight against the pain. Although some may see her decision to take the chip as weak, it is a turning point for her character. In agreeing to do something that would alleviate her suffering, she does something she has never done before — she accepts help.

7 Monty Green

"I Know You Want To Make Up For The Things You've Done - Believe Me, We All Do - But We Need To Think Of The Big Picture - Twenty-five People Instead Of Five Hundred."

One of the only characters that remain faithful to their humanity is undoubtedly Monty. Even after all the trauma and loss he experiences, he never truly gives up on his faith in people and his fight for what is right. He is the moral compass of The 100, and he rarely strays from the right path. Still, he also has his moments of doubt and uncertainty, when the fate of the human race clashed with the fate of the few.

His words to Bellamy in the second episode of season 4 during the debate for the hydro generator mark one of these moments. Further complicating the situation, he faces another moral dilemma when Tybe, the man who killed his father, is about to die, and Monty has to decide if he will be the one to deal the final blow. Ultimately, he stays true to his character but this episode is one of the rare instances when the viewers see him waver.

6 Jasper Jordan

"I Saved Your Life. It's More Than You Deserve."

Jasper's tragic story starts with the loss of the girl he loves, Maya. He becomes jaded and careless, and he resorts to hedonistic behavior in order to cope with his trauma. He struggles with the cards he is dealt, and his downwards spiral is often seen as defining of his character. However, even though he is not perfect, deep down he is a truly good human being who has simply been through a lot.

His attitude to Clarke in the season 3 episode "Nevermore" might seem in line with his attitude later on, but his apparent brashness is simply a coping mechanism. He just lost his friends to the chip and he sees Clarke as a traitor, so he lashes out which is an understandable reaction. Still, it is one of the first moments when the fans notice how different he has become. In the end, even his love for Monty cannot save him from himself.

5 Marcus Kane

"I'm Not Gonna Apologize For Saving Your Life, Abby. I Made The Right Call."

Few characters in The 100 had a transformation as dramatic as Kane's. He starts off as a cold and even heartless, willing to do anything to save the human race, even if it means the death of innocent people. As time passes, he undergoes a complete metamorphosis, and he learns that no human life is worthless and every sacrifice matters.

His growth takes a back seat, however, when he has to choose between honoring Abby's wish and saving her. In the end, he decides to save her and bring her to the bunker, forcing her to deal with her guilt. Later on, he resorts to being a passive observer and even participant in the horrifying acts of the people in the bunker. His words to Abby in the second episode of season 5 are especially uncharacteristic since he seems to express remorse for the things they all did in the bunker, yet he does not seem to feel regret for making Abby do the same.

4 Abigail Griffin

"First, We Survive. Then We Find Our Humanity Again."

Abby is defined by her morality and her willingness to do what is right no matter what. She is a great leader exactly because she realizes that there are certain sacrifices that nobody should make, regardless of the cost. She knows perfectly well that decisions that result in the death of innocents are never the right choice. Even though some feel that her character lasted too long, she adds heart the show when many other characters lack it.

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This is why her statement in the season 4 episode "God Complex" is so out of character for her. As Raven reminds her, deciding to put survival above humanity always ends with death and sorrow, just like Mount Weather. Abby recovers her moral compass soon after that, only to sadly lose it once again when she does the unthinkable to bring back Kane.

3 Octavia Blake

"Bellamy Was Right."

Bellamy and Octavia are often seen as polar opposites. For the majority of her life, Octavia tries to rebel against what she sees as her brother's constraints. From running away to becoming Blodreina, Octavia's entire arc is a struggle for independence and survival. She regularly butts heads with Bellamy, although she never stops loving her brother.

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When she realizes that Bellamy's belief was not just him being brainwashed by a cult, she finally admits that perhaps her older brother saw the truth about the Transcendence before she could. Throughout the seasons, Octavia is never on the exact same path as Bellamy, and her decisions lead her down a very different path, even if they are both leaders in their own right. This is why her confession in the series finale truly brings her character arc to a close.

2 Bellamy Blake

"This Is How We Do Better. This Is The Only Way. I'm Sorry."

Few characters on TV have been loved and mourned by the fans the way Bellamy Blake was when died in the thirteenth episode of the final season of the show. Although he is at times a bit polarizing, he is still considered the heart of the show and the true main character alongside Clarke. His devotion to his sister and his fondness of Clarke (despite their multiple differences), coupled with the fact that he frequently has to decide the fate of many, means that he spends a lot of time trying to balance the survival of the human race with the love for his family.

The abrupt shift in Bellamy during season seven as a result of his recruiting alienized a lot of fans who felt that this change was not characteristic of him. However, as it turns out, he is right about the Transcendence and his fight to save everyone was not in vain, even if he is not allowed to join his family in the afterlife.

1 Clarke Griffin

"I'm done! Do you hear me? I've lost everything!"

Clarke's role as the unwitting leader that has to do what is right and bear the responsibility so that her people will not have to is what makes her one of the greatest main characters. She does not back down, even when she and Bellamy (who is arguably her best friend and only true ally) are hated by everyone for choosing to do whatever is it takes to save humanity. She continuously sacrifices her own happiness for the sake of others, and her ultimate fear is to be lonely once again. Yet she is also one of the strongest people in The 100, and she never truly gives up.

She appears to be done with living in the season 5 premiere, after having to bear the brunt of the Death Wave on her own. Alone and in pain, she screams out in frustration. However, this is just a momentary weakness, and she survives nonetheless and would do it all over again if it means her family survives. Clarke is more than a fighter, and more than a leader — she is chosen.

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