Suicide Squad Just Passed Up a Perfect Guardians of the Galaxy Joke

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Suicide Squad #9!

Does the Suicide Squad snub the Guardians of the Galaxy by passing up the opportunity to riff on one of their most famous cinematic moments? The Squad has recently got an upgrade in comedy thanks to the Deadpool-in-green himself, Ambush Bug. But for all the meta-awareness he may have, he misses the opportunity to make the perfect fourth-wall-breaking joke in the latest issue of Suicide Squad.

Comics taking potshots and lampooning their competitors is a tale as old as the books themselves. Whether it's a gag or throwaway line referencing a popular meme or trope, like the infamous "Martha" line of Batman vs Superman, it's usually in good fun. Writers tend to be aware of trends going on in their field, and sometimes use more comedic characters to deliver whatever commentary they can't convey through their more stoic heroes and villains. So when a perfect chance at meta-humor is left unacknowledged with characters like these, it's hard not to notice.

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Case in point, Suicide Squad # 9 features the latest panoply of DC's unconventional team of "heroes" embarking on a very high-concept mission. Squad commander Amanda Waller is preparing her team for one of its biggest challenges yet; invading and conquering Earth-3. Before they can begin their invasion, however, they need to make a brief stop at Oa to pick up one last item on Waller's checklist. So the Suicide Squad is going to space, and get a big, dramatic splash page to show off their too-cool-to-care attitude.

True to his wisecracking nature, Ambush Bug gets a joke in reminding his team to be sure they effectively communicate they are walking in slow-motion. But is a gag towards The Right Stuff really the best he can do? After all, the walk is kind of similar to the Guardians big, dramatic shot before their final fight in Guardians of the Galaxy, especially with the team's blasé attitude undercutting the tension. Black Siren even yawns much like Gamora did in the aforementioned shot. And with the film connections between the Suicide Squad and the Guardians, it seems prime for a joke by Ambush Bug, the resident self-aware character, but he holds back despite the potential.

But maybe it was just a coincidence. After all, the Guardians of the Galaxy don't have a monopoly on slow-motion walking gags, and they most certainly were not the first to do that kind of joke. But given the history of the two properties and how industry-aware characters like Ambush Bug have the opportunity to make jokes and acknowledge the real-life connections between the two, it feels like a missed opportunity. A playful joke would make it feel less like the Suicide Squad was ripping off the Guardians of the Galaxy, and more like another fun jab between Marvel and DC.

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