The Key Advice Neve Campbell Gave New Scream Cast

Jack Quaid reveals the key piece of advice Neve Campbell gave the new stars of Scream. This Friday marks the release of the fifth film in the Scream franchise, and it's bringing everything back to where it all started - literally, as the movie shares the same name as the 1996 original. 2022's Scream is the first in the franchise to not be directed by the late Wes Craven, but according to the early reviews that arrived on Wednesday, his spirit is still felt. Ready or Not filmmakers Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett take the reins here with a story that introduces plenty of new characters alongside some old favorites.

Scream returns to the town of Woodsboro as a new Ghostface killer emerges with an eye on creating their own blood-soaked legacy. A group of teens led by Melissa Barrera's Sam are the targets, as they all have ties to the previous Ghostfaces. At the same time, everyone is a suspect. Scream ups the stakes even more by bringing back some familiar faces to aid the newcomers: Sidney Prescott (Campbell), Dewey Riley (David Arquette), and Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox).

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The Boys star Jack Quaid is one of the freshmen boarding the Scream franchise, playing Sam's boyfriend Richie. Joining an established property like this one must be incredibly daunting, but in a new interview with GamesRadar+, Quaid revealed Campbell gave the new stars a bit of advice that proved to be incredibly useful. He said:

"I think Neve at one point at a dinner did say one concrete piece of advice, which was just have fun. Like, 'This is such a fun movie, and I want you guys to relish this experience as much as you can.' And that's what we needed to hear, because we shot this thing in the middle of a pandemic. We were all so lucky to be there working on something we cared about, working on something we thought was awesome. And it's a Scream movie, so I really tried to take that to heart and just try to take in every second."

In between all the scares and blood, it's important to remember that the Scream movies are also a lot of fun. Part of the appeal of the first film was that it took a humorous approach to horror movies and had a ball mocking the tropes that formed the genre. While the various trailers for the 2022 Scream have packed in more scares than laughs, there are still signs of the film having fun with the format. Campbell has said reuniting with the original cast felt like being at summer camp, which gives an indication of what the vibe was like on set.

Campbell knows all too well how much of a ride these movies can be, and her sharing that with the new cast places her in an almost mentor-like role. The novelty of starring in a Scream movie alongside the likes of Arquette, Cox, and Campbell hasn't been lost on those like Quaid and Barrera, but based on the former's new comments, it also sounds like they knew to enjoy themselves. There might be a lot of terror baked into the new Scream, but there had to have been a lot of joy behind the camera as well.

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Source: GamesRadar+

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