Sabretooth Murdered His Entire Family (Over A Slice Of Pie)

One of the most brutal villains the X-Men have ever had to face off against is undoubtedly Sabretooth. The heroic mutant team’s last encounter with the villain was while locking him away within the depths of Krakoa for a crime of unspeakable violence he unnecessarily committed against a group of humans. Sabretooth was punished by all mutant-kind because of his homicidal tendencies, which apparently had been in his nature from the beginning proven true by the fact that as a child he murdered his entire family, all over a slice of pie. 

X-Men Origins: Sabretooth by Kieron Gillen and Dan Panosian chronicles the life of Victor Creed as he slowly grows into the Sabretooth fans know and love to hate. In the early days of his childhood, while his mutant powers first began to manifest, Creed murders his older brother and then grinned at his mother saying they were just playing around. As punishment, Victor’s father chained him in the basement, removed his fangs with pliers, and left him down there. After some time imprisoned, Sabretooth tore off his own hand and escaped the basement. Creed then proceeded to massacre his mother and father, the remaining members of his family. 

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The catalyst for Sabretooth’s entire family suffering a gruesome fate by his hand was all because of a slice of pie. Before Sabretooth murdered his brother, he was teasing Victor over having a slice of pie that Victor couldn’t have. Sabretooth tackled his brother to the ground before biting out his throat, killing him, and then eating that slice of pie. That event of course led to his parents locking Creed in the basement before he escaped and murdered them, but it didn’t seem like he killed them out of revenge for his imprisonment. After they were dead, Sabretooth proceeded to grab himself another slice of pie. 

Sabretooth is a pretty messed up guy with his origin that of a heartless animal, attributes he continues to exhibit. Much like his imprisonment within his basement as a child, Sabretooth has been imprisoned beneath the surface of Krakoa in the present day of X-Men continuity. And just like Sabretooth’s escape from the basement, he is also about to emerge from his Krakoan prison, assuredly to inflict the same level of bloody carnage on the X-Men as he did with his parents, one can only hope nobody bakes a pie beforehand. 

Fans have known that level of brutal violence of which Sabretooth is capable, but the near comedic level of cruelty it took for him to murder his family over a slice of pie cements him as one of the most heartless killers in the Marvel Universe. Now, fans are on the edge of their seats waiting for Sabretooth to return to X-Men continuity to exact his bloody vengeance in his new upcoming series Sabretooth. Sabretooth murdered his entire family over a slice of pie when he was just a child and has committed countless acts of horrific violence throughout X-Men canon.

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