Nightmare on Elm Street House Sells for Nearly $3 Million

The house made famous in the A Nightmare on Elm Street films and that served as the home of the series' original Final Girl sells for close to $3 million. The home made its debut in the first Nightmare movie in 1984, serving as the filming location for protagonist Nancy Thompson's (Heather Langenkamp) Elm Street home. It's since intermittently popped up in some of the film's subsequent sequels and reboots.

A Nightmare on Elm Street introduced the world to one of the most prominent figures in horror movie history with Robert Englund's Freddy Krueger and also served as Johnny Depp's cinematic debut. While the film, written and directed by Wes Craven, sets Elm Street in the fictional town of Springwood, Ohio, the actual house that Freddy Krueger tormented Nancy in is located in Los Angeles, where most of the movie was shot. The house that was once plagued by a razor-gloved dream murderer now has a new owner, and the price was steep.

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The house just sold for $2.98M, according to The 3 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom Dutch Colonial was previously owned by Hustlers director Lorene Scafaria and was, "reimagined by an English designer in the mid-2000s." According to the site, the house sold for a price 98% more expensive than its surrounding properties. As if being a fixture in horror history wasn't enough, the Nightmare on Elm Street house was also the filming location for Bo Burnham's latest special, Inside.

While the Elm Street house may be off the market, there's actually a surprising number of other famous horror movie locales people can visit in real life. Last year, the home that acted as Stu's abode in Scream was available on Airbnb to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the movie before the release of its fifth installment. Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco in Hardwick, New Jersey served as the filming location for Camp Crystal Lake in the original Friday the 13th movie and can now be visited and often hosts events celebrating the film. The Timberline Lodge, which stood in for the Overlook Hotel in many of The Shining's exterior shots, is still active and accepting reservations. The gas station from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre even has a gift shop section now.

Nancy's house in A Nightmare on Elm Street will forever be a seminal location in the history of horror films. Her final showdown with Krueger through its hall helped to usher in the slasher movie renaissance of the 1980s. Hopefully, the new owners appreciate the significance of the house in many movie lovers' hearts and minds and are sound sleepers.

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