Michael Sheen Gets Lost In A Time Loop In Last Train to Christmas Trailer

Sky's holiday season has kicked off with a first look at the trailer for their new festive film, Last Train to Christmas. The retro time-warp fantasy from writer and director Julian Kemp follows Good OmensMichael Sheen as Tony Towers, a local celebrity and nightclub owner, and Nathalie Emmanuel as his young fiance Sue. As the couple head home to Nottingham for a Christmas family reunion, the 3:17 train to Nottingham quickly becomes the trip of a lifetime.

In the trailer via DigitalSpy, a jubilant Tony Towers, played by Sheen, boards the retro train carriage in a celebratory mood, but after bickering with his brother (Cary Elwes) and heading off to the buffet car, he is transported ten years into his future, arriving in 1995 where his businesses have collapsed and his life has fallen apart. He soon discovers that this is not the end of the trouble - traveling along the train, he finds himself jumping back and forth through various stages of his life, explaining to the ticket collector, "When I change carriage, I move through time."  The trailer can be seen below:

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It seems Tony's choices in each carriage affect his life in the next, and he must change his life in order to improve his fortune and mold the fate of those he loves, but can he turn the tide before the train reaches its destination? Last Train to Christmas comes to Sky Cinema on December 18 alongside a flurry of seasonal releases from Sky this year. Sheen looks particularly suited for the role and the film itself looks to be a hilarious take on the holiday movie. Sky will also release A Boy Called Christmas and A Christmas Number One arriving just in time for the holidays on November 26 and December 10 respectively. 

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Source: DigitalSpy

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