Jackass 4 May Not Be The Franchise's Final Film, Says Johnny Knoxville

Jackass franchise star and co-creator, Johnny Knoxville, says that the upcoming Jackass Forever might not be the famed stupid stunt crew’s final film. It’s been over a decade since the last big screen installment of the one-time MTV series turned successful film franchise arrived. With just weeks to go before the release of the fourth installment, media and fans alike took the addition of new cast members to mean that the original stars were ready to finally step away from the grueling antics required to keep the series going.

For many people, the thought of Jackass still thriving nearly a quarter of a century after it first began is quite simply astounding. The degree of pain inflicted in each and every Jackass film has been clearly displayed again and again on the faces of the cast members, but with every groan or scream, there’s always been plenty of laughter. It’s that laughter that has kept stars like Knoxville going, and though it may be hard for the majority of the public to understand, that laughter mixed with the rush of adrenaline from performing an insane stunt arguably provides its own sort of anti-aging tonic. It’s this pure dedication to the art of having fun that makes diehard Jackass fans hope that the likes of Knoxville, Steve-O, and the rest never call it quits.

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To date, everything that has been released leading up to the release of Jackass Forever has indicated to some degree that this is the last time that the middle-aged Jackass dudes risk it all. But while speaking with Variety recently, Knoxville clarified that when it comes to the futures of the original crew within the world of Jackass, never say never. Insisting that he’s never committed himself to walking away from the prospect of another film after Jackass Forever, Knoxville explained:

“Someone wrote it was the last one, but we never said it was the last one. I mean, it could go on…we could do another one if we wanted. I don’t know if we want to, but we could let the old guys come in and have fun, but put it more on the young cast. I don’t know. After [the first two films], we’re like ‘Never.’ And then there we made a third one and now we make a fourth one. So, we’re never saying never.”

Knoxville has long been considered by many to be the driving force behind the entire franchise. Now 50 years old, he was the first member of what would become the Jackass crew to commit to some hilarious but also very dangerous stunts. These initial stunts, such as testing a bulletproof vest on himself and being tazed, weren’t done for the pleasure of an entire movie theater audience, but instead for a skateboard magazine called Big Brother. In the years since that introduction to the world, Knoxville has put his body on the line innumerable times, resulting in an extremely lengthy list of broken bones and surgeries.

When it comes to performing the sorts of stunts that keep Jackass fans coming back for more, it makes sense that the new recruits introduced in Jackass Forever will be the go-to bodies in all future films. Knoxville’s suggestion that the young cast could handle the majority of the stunts with the “old guys” coming back now and then to add their own style to the mix seems a perfectly reasonable idea. This being said, at a certain point, being charged by a bull or launched into the stratosphere strapped to a rocket becomes something that the effects of age can’t easily heal from, and no fan wants to see anyone seriously injured.

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Source: Variety

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