The MCU Still Refuses To Solve The Last Iron Man Mystery

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Hawkeye episodes 1 & 2!

Marvel Studios' Hawkeye, the latest installment in the ever-expanding MCU, revivified the discussion around the identity of the new owner of Avengers Tower. The iconic tower served as the superhero team's base of operations until the events of Avengers: Age Of Ultron, after which the Avengers relocated to a new facility in Upstate New York, which left many fans wondering about the fate of the old headquarters. Spider-Man: Homecoming shed some light on that topic, revealing that Tony Stark sold the tower to a mysterious party following the events of Captain America: Civil War.

The tower was not seen or mentioned again until 2019's Spider-Man: Far From Home, when eagle-eyed fans were able to spot a refurbished Avengers Tower that bore little resemblance to the original. The tower was mentioned again in Hawkeye episode 2, "Hide and Seek," after another long period of absence, when Clint told Kate that the tower was sold years ago. This came as news to Kate, which meant the public was unaware that the tower was sold. Could this mean that the tower's new owner is still operating in secret for eight years (in-universe) after they made the purchase?

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The identity of the new owner of Avengers Tower has been the focus of fan theories for years since multiple Marvel characters from the comics own towers in Manhattan. Still, it's very odd the MCU refuses to solve the mystery surrounding the Iron Man-related mystery. With the direction the MCU seems to be headed in at the moment, the list can be narrowed down to three primary candidates based on the slate of upcoming Marvel Studios projects. The acquirer of Avengers Tower must be a secretive character with considerable wealth based in NYC, and out of the characters joining the MCU soon, Reed Richards, Norman Osborn, and Wilson Fisk fit this bill the most. Either way, the MCU is clearly setting up something big.

The most popular fan theory regarding Avengers Tower is that it was sold to none other than Reed Richards. In the comics, Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four reside in the Baxter Building, a 35-story tower one block away from Avengers Tower, and it played a prominent role in multiple storylines such as Civil War and Secret Wars. It's possible that Marvel Studios decided to convert Avengers Tower to the Baxter Building, rather than having two towers housing two different superhero teams so close to each other, to avoid confusing the viewers. Fantastic Four is set to release in 2023, and the Baxter Building is guaranteed to appear in the feature; whether it is indeed a renovated Avengers Tower or not remains to be seen.

William Dafoe's Norman Osborn is confirmed to appear in the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home, but the door is still open for the MCU Osborn family to be introduced. Osborn could have bought Avengers Tower to turn it into the MCU version of Oscorp, the often malicious corporation that birthed multiple Spider-Man villains. Osborn could also turn the tower into the headquarters of the Dark Avengers, setting up a live-action version of the acclaimed Seige comic event. The third likely purchaser of Avenger Tower is Wilson Fisk. Vincent D'Onofrio is expected to reprise his role as The Kingpin from the Netflix series Daredevil in Hawkeye. Buying Avengers Tower could be the perfect way to fold him into the main MCU timeline and establish him as the head of crime in New York City.

The four-year-long mystery of the new owner of Avengers Tower is bound to be resolved in the years to come, putting the lingering Iron Man thread to rest. Whether Kingpin gets reintroduced in Hawkeye as the new owner of the building, or it is revealed to be the Baxter Building in 2023, fans will have to wait and see. If there is one thing fans can be sure about, it's that whoever bought Avengers Tower will play a substantial role in the MCU moving forward.

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