Jeremy Renner Compares Filming Hawkeye To A Disney Park Ride

Jeremy Renner likens filming an upcoming Hawkeye action scene to going on a Disney World ride. Marvel's latest Disney+ series officially got underway last week with the premiere of its first two episodes, and it's clear there's a whole lot of excitement ahead. Renner stars as Clint Barton, the Avengers' resident archer and, as Hawkeye tries to assert, most underrated member. This is his first-ever solo MCU project, and it so far finds him trying his hardest to return to his family in time to celebrate Christmas.

However, Clint's newest acquaintance has thrown a wrench into those plans. Hawkeye also features the MCU introduction of Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), Clint's protégé from the comics who aspires to be a hero just like him. The first two episodes have found Kate getting caught up in a murder case while also becoming a target to the Tracksuit Mafia, and Clint has been reluctantly pulled into her orbit in a major way. Hawkeye will run for a total of 6 episodes, all of which will hopefully culminate in a well-earned Barton family Christmas.

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Fans will have to tune in each week to see just what lies ahead for Clint and Kate, but they just received a major tease from Renner himself. Speaking to CinemaBlend, Renner previewed an upcoming car chase involving the two lead heroes. According to him, filming it felt like a Disney ride, which made for a surreal feeling. Renner said:

Yeah, that’s not a typical way to shoot a car chase sequence, as a one-r. You know, as a one-shot, where the camera’s… Everybody else is doing the work, and the camera’s just kind of sitting there. So it was a[n] interesting ride, like Disney ride-like feeling shooting it. And you’ve got someone driving our car, but… I don’t know it’s weird to have us be so free and still do the scene and act in it and be in it while still watching what the audience is watching, for the most part.

Various trailers for Hawkeye have offered a glimpse at this upcoming car chase sequence, which could very well turn up in the third episode. In it, Kate fires off trick arrows toward those chasing them (most likely the Tracksuit Mafia) while Clint offers some commentary. It looks like the Hawkeye scene will be an excellent showcase for Clint and Kate's budding relationship, and based on Renner's comments, it also sounds like it'll be a thrilling scene for viewers to witness. If it felt like a Disney ride while filming, it must be a great deal of fun.

Hawkeye has largely been praised for its street-level conflict, which is very unlike the rest of the MCU's world-ending stakes. At the same time, it's clear Hawkeye won't be skimping out on action just because things are a bit less intense. Provided the car chase arrives in this week's episode 3, one has to assume there will be even bigger action sequences throughout the rest of the series. So far, Hawkeye hasn't disappointed, so here's hoping it continues to get better from here.

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Hawkeye releases new episodes Wednesdays on Disney+.

Source: CinemaBlend

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