Flashpoint Batman Returns To Nightmare Universe In New Geoff Johns Series

Warning! Spoilers for Flashpoint Beyond by DC Comics below

The Flashpoint reality is back in a brand new miniseries from DC Comics, Flashpoint Beyond, which will see Thomas Wayne's Batman fight to save the main DC Universe. On Friday, DC Comics revealed Geoff Johns is returning to the Flashpoint Universe to write a brand new six-issue series featuring Thomas Wayne's Batman waking up in a world that was previously thought to have been destroyed.

The Flash created the Flashpoint universe when he went back in time to save his mother from being murdered by Eobard Thawne. In doing so, he changed reality in a big way - including creating a world where Thomas Wayne became Batman after the death of his son, Bruce. The Flashpoint universe was erased after Thomas Wayne helped The Flash restore his reality and save Batman from being erased in DC's Prime Earth. However, before being wiped from existence, Thomas Wayne was saved and later joined the main DC Universe and the multiversal Justice League Incarnate. However, Flashpoint Beyond will put Batman into a world he thought disappeared.

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On Friday, DC Comics revealed a six-issue limited series titled Flashpoint Beyond from Geoff Johns, Eduardo Risso, Jeremy Adams, Tim Sheridan, and Xermanico. The bi-weekly series will start with Flashpoint Beyond #0, which will feature Thomas Wayne's Batman awakening in the Flashpoint timeline the moment after he thought it was gone for good. The tease for the series features some interesting hints into Batman's investigation for answers, including a dig at the former 5G timeline. Check out the covers for Flashpoint Beyond #0 from Dexter Soy, Eduardo Risso, and the 1:25 Max Dunbar variant, and the 1:50 Todd Nauck cover.

Flashpoint Beyond #1 will feature Batman on the hunt for the Clockwork Killer and a confrontation with mad king Aquaman. Thomas Wayne's Batman isn't concerned about saving his reality but making sure his son's world is brought back from being erased. The issue will feature a main cover from Mitch Gerads, a variant from Xermanico, a 1:25 variant from Gary Frank, and a 1:50 cover from Todd Nauck.

Bringing back the Flashpoint universe is Flashpoint Beyond is a bold move, which should create quite the domino effect in the main DC Comics timeline. Thomas Wayne's Batman fighting to save his son's reality at any cost should make for an intriguing series that will surely have many twists and turns. Flashpoint Beyond #0 arrives in comic book stores on April 5, 2022, while Flashpoint Beyond #1 arrives two weeks later, on April 19, 2022.

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