Why [SPOILER] Wants Morgan's Help

Caution: spoilers ahead for Fear The Walking Dead season 7, episode 7

Fear The Walking Dead season 7 finally brings back a major character - but why do they need help from Morgan Jones? With "The Portrait," Fear The Walking Dead season 7 kills two zombies with one stone. The Stalkers have been terrorizing characters of all kinds, gathering up clothes and hunting down anyone who might possess something worth stealing, but their origin has remained a closely guarded secret. Likewise, Alicia Clark has been curiously missing for the entirety of Fear The Walking Dead season 7 thus far. Will previously explained how Alicia helped build a community after escaping Teddy's vault, but everyone disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

"The Portrait" answers both questions by revealing Alicia as the Stalkers' leader... sort of. Morgan Jones botches an assassination attempt on Victor Strand. Skulking home one girlfriend and one child lighter, Morgan is less-than-pleased when he's accosted by Stalkers and taken to their leader. He's much happier when said leader turns out to be Alicia, who's equally delighted upon reuniting with Lennie James' Walking Dead hero. When the hugging stops, Alicia makes a request for Morgan's help, but she doesn't get chance to explain why.

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Alicia's Fear The Walking Dead return raises a horde of questions, starting with how she became Chief Stalker. The Stalkers are probably whatever remains of the group Alicia and Will built at the Franklin Hotel. As revealed in Fear The Walking Dead season 7's premiere, Alicia staggered out of prison following Teddy's nuclear launch, and echoed her mother by building a whole new community. By the time Will and Strand arrived, however, everyone was gone. An unknown tragedy befell the Franklin Hotel, forcing Alicia and her people out into the wild.

Confusingly, Alicia's Stalkers aren't necessarily the same group who've been causing trouble throughout Fear The Walking Dead season 7. When Morgan asks why Alicia attacked Strand's Tower, she replies, "Those aren't my people... not anymore." This line confirms two Stalker groups exist in Fear The Walking Dead's nuclear wasteland - one led by Alicia, and a more villainous offshoot. Either Alicia discovered a handful of her people were growing too violent (attacking John and June's bunker, for example) and duly exiled them from her camp, or the split happened much earlier, and every violent Stalker attack in Fear The Walking Dead season 7 has been committed by the rejects who used to be Alicia's people.

The biggest question is why Alicia needs Morgan's help, and there are two potential answers. Most likely, she needs help finding Padre. The letter Alicia left behind for Will confirmed she was looking for the mysterious haven, but "The Portrait" proves she's still stumbling around aimlessly no closer to her destination. A man with a knack for performing miracles in the zombie apocalypse, Morgan Jones has a better chance of discovering Padre than most, and Alicia knows she can trust him to help lead the way.

Another option is that Alicia wants a team-up to take down Strand. Perhaps she heard about Victor giving Will the shove, and now seeks revenge for a man she might've had romantic feelings for. This would explain how the evil Stalkers know about Strand's Tower, and also makes thematic sense after Morgan Jones just failed spectacularly to deal with Fear The Walking Dead's arrogant main villain. Alicia and Morgan both have reason to want Strand dead, but neither has been able to knock off his crown. Together, they might just stand a chance.

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