DC Confirms The Flash Is The Deadliest Person in The World

Warning! Spoilers ahead for DC vs. Vampires #2

In the latest issue of DC vs. Vampires, it's confirmed that The Flash is one of the deadliest beings on the planet. While Hal Jordan's Green Lantern has already been turned into a vampire for the revolution that's already begun in this new story, his true nature and desire to drink blood have yet to be revealed. Unfortunately, this leads to the demise of Barry Allen's Flash, but not before Jordan reveals what would happen if the Fastest Man Alive were to join the horde of vampires seeking to take over the world.

Previously in DC vs. Vampires from writers James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg with artist Otto Schmidt, I, Vampire's Andrew Bennet came to the Hall of Justice with a dire warning. Mary Queen Blood has been killed, the only undead leader standing in the way of total war between vampires and humanity. Now, a vampire revolution has begun in secret with the Legion of Doom having already fallen, resulting in a handful of supervillains becoming key weapons for the coming conflict. While Bennet told his story to Hal Jordan (who had already been bitten and converted into a vampire), he secretly sent a letter to Batman to warn him of the danger just in case he failed.

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Now, DC vs. Vampires #2 sees Batman, who's testing his family to see if any of them have already become vampires, looking to plan the next steps in the face of this new threat only with those he can trust wholeheartedly. However, the end of the issue sees Hal Jordan meeting with Barry Allen's Flash, taking advantage of their friendship to capture him using his power ring. While Hal had wanted to convert Flash just as he had been, it turns out Barry Allen's high metabolism as a speedster would result in him drinking the entire world dry in a matter of moments if he were a vampire, his thirst for blood never able to be quenched.

Unfortunately, The Flash's power through the Speed Force means he'd be far too deadly as a vampire, forcing Green Lantern to kill him instead. While this is an incredibly dark moment for this new story, it also proves that Barry Allen is one of the deadliest beings on the planet. It's certainly a good thing he's a hero, because the world would absolutely be in grave danger if he ever turned evil.

Thankfully, the rising vampire army recognizes that corrupting Flash and turning him into a vampire would be bad news for all involved considering his great speed and power. However, there's still plenty of other heroes they'll no doubt try to bite and convert beyond Barry Allen. Here's hoping Batman and his family will be able to defeat the horde of the undead as the series continues.

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