Netflix's Cowboy Bebop Lives On in New Comic From Titan

Warning! Contains preview pages from Cowboy Bebop #1!

The Netflix adaptation that made waves among fans last year is getting a new lease on life when Cowboy Bebop returns in the form of a new title from Titan Comics. The streaming series was a live-action reimagining of Shinichirō Watanabe's classic anime of the same name. While the show was canceled shortly after its premiere, a piece of it lives on in the form of a comic book soon to hit shelves.

Cowboy Bebop is the story of a crew of bounty hunters in the near-future who chase down criminals in a universe where humanity has spread humanity all across the galaxy. The original anime is is a favorite among fans and critics for its lively soundtrack, nuanced themes and deep characterization. Netflix's adaptation struggled to find the same reception, leading to a cancelation merely three weeks after its release, but the show isn't gone for good just yet.

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Set in the world of the Netflix series, Cowboy Bebop #1 by Dan Watters and Lamar Mathurin shows the main characters doing what they do best: tracking down their latest bounty head and losing control of the situation fast. Preview pages show the cowboys in a casino, taking in the ambiance of jazz when Jet notices a curious exchange between two men. As the band kicks into high gear, an explosion goes off, sending the patrons into a panic and the Bebop crew into action. Spike takes down several criminals with smooth action while Faye confronts their target. Despite being on the eighth floor of the casino, the bounty head, Melville, jumps out of the window, and leaves behind a perplexed Faye.

The comic mimics several key aspects of the anime that fans hold in high regards. It tries to replicate the kinetic energy of the show during its intense action sequences. Several characterizations remain such as Spike's calm demeanor when he's beating up arrogant baddies as well as Faye's take-no-prisoners attitude when confronting bounty heads. Of course, it can't keep the jazz soundtrack in a silent medium such as comic books, but it acknowledges the importance of the musical genre by having a band set the stage with the familiar phrase "Let's jam!" These are the words that kick off the anime's classic opening song, "Tank!"

Some fans feel that the Netflix adaptation never got a fair shot, with critics unfairly comparing the series to its parent anime. Others say that the show missed the point of the anime, citing controversial character and narrative changes. While the 2021 Netflix series remains canceled, the new comic is one last chance to show that the reimagining can take the themes and characters of Cowboy Bebop to create new, exciting stories. But as Spike Spiegel says "Whatever happens, happens". Cowboy Bebop #1 is available in stores on January 19th, 2022.

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