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Screen Rant has the exclusive first Alone With You trailer revealing the Screamfest and Telluride Horror Show hit and February release. The horror thriller centers on Charlie, a young woman who tries to prepare a romantic homecoming for her girlfriend after being apart for a long period of time. However, she slowly begins to find their apartment becoming a terrifying place as voices, shadows and hallucinations begin to reveal a truth she has been unwilling to face.

Emily Bennett leads the cast of Alone With You alongside Orange is the New Black alum Emma Myles, Friday Night Lights' Dora Madison and horror genre vet Barbara Crampton. In addition to starring, Bennett also makes her feature directorial debut with the film, sharing the director's chair with co-writer and fellow feature debut filmmaker Justin Brooks. Alone With You made its world premiere at last year's Fantastic Fest to solid reviews from critics and is now gearing up for its wide release.

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On the heels of making the rounds in the festival circuit, Screen Rant has the exclusive first Alone With You trailer. The video introduces protagonist Charlie as her plans for a romantic homecoming for her girlfriend become upended by increasingly disturbing events threatening to have her lose her grip on sanity. Check out the exclusive trailer below:

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The first Alone With You trailer offers plenty of intriguing insight for what audiences can expect from the indie horror, namely in its mind-bending premise. With the official logline for the film describing Charlie as someone who has yet to face a truth she's largely been ignoring, which will subsequently be revealed through the various hallucinations, it seems likely the film could take a Jacob's Ladder-style approach to its narrative as Charlie comes to realize there's a darker truth behind her terrifying visions. Between its imagery of dead specters to the world melting around her, it would seem Charlie losing her mind may stem from a supernatural perspective as much as a mental one.

Alone With You also marks the latest outing in Barbara Crampton's recent resurgence in the horror genre since coming out of a semi-retirement with 2011's You're Next. The horror vet most recently saw critical acclaim for her leading role in the dark comedy horror-thriller Jakob's Wife, which currently sits at an 86 percent approval rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Only time will tell if Alone With You becomes another hit for the actress when it hits theaters on February 4 followed by VOD, Blu-ray and DVD on February 8.

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