Azan Posts Thirst Trap Pics After Nicole Admits She's Lonely

Former 90 Day Fiancé star Nicole Nafziger may have been penning heartbreaking posts on Instagram about loneliness but does her ex Azan Tefou posting photos of his ripped body have anything to do with it? Moroccan man Azan, also known as Hasan M'Raoni, wasted no time in flaunting his physique right after Nicole posted about her struggling to find a perfect mate. Nicole's post was a surprise amidst the usual clickbait articles she shares, which also happened to start rumors of her being pregnant or Azan being dead. Interestingly, Nicole has also been accused of allegedly being the mastermind behind Azan's IG profile.

Nicole and Azan were last seen together on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 4. But the oddball couple always kept fans interested in knowing when Nicole and Azan were finally getting married after having called it off twice. Amidst allegations of Azan having multiple girlfriends from Russia, Korea, Japan, etc, and supposedly a secret wife and kids, Nicole headed to Morocco in March 2020. Nicole's two-week vacation turned into a five-month stay during COVID-19. Upon returning to Florida, Nicole denied all these claims but soon enough removed the "engaged to H" from her Instagram bio, giving fans reason to believe Nicole and Azan were not together. In July 2021, Nicole confirmed she and Azan had split and gone their separate ways. By September, Nicole's Instagram again said her relationship with Azan had ended and that she was currently concentrating on school and making sure to focus on what's important.

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However, Nicole's latest Instagram story saw her confessing she was in a dark place. She mentioned that she hopes to find her path and perfect mate one day. Meanwhile, Azan, who's not posted on his Instagram feed since December 2020 went ahead and uploaded a series of thirst traps showing off his muscular frame. On one photo of him working out at the gym, Azan wrote, "Just believe in yourself. Even if you don't Pretend that you do, At some point you will." Could Azan have posted this as a message for his ex-fiancée? On a different pic of himself shirtless and on a beach, Azan revealed his deepest thoughts by writing, "Your time is limited So don't waste it living Someone else's life."

His third Instagram story was captioned, "Take care of your body It's the only place you have to live," for which he used a full-frontal shirtless photo of himself. Fans often catch Azan sharing similar workout photos and pictures of his daily coffee and favorite books on Instagram. But oftentimes, they also suspect it's actually Nicole using Azan's Instagram instead of him and have also been proved right on one occasion. In November 2020, when viewers were already sure that Nicole and he and broken up, Azan had posted a selfie with Nicole on his IG after three years, which has since been deleted.

Many had also noticed how Azan never liked any of Nicole's Instagram updates. Soon enough eagle-eyed 90 Day Fiancé watchers went through the "about" section of Azan's Instagram page and discovered that his account was created on November 2, 2016 in the United States. Nicole had once claimed that it was Azan who posted the fitness inspiration photos himself. Because Nicole keeps crying wolf all the time, fans have come to doubt anything that she says. If it is indeed Nicole masquerading as Azan on IG, could she have shared these topless pictures of Azan to show that he's interested in curing her loneliness?

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Source: Azan Tefou/Instagram

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